National Janitorial Solutions incorporates a customer satisfaction survey into our quality process

“Results” of the service are entered and maintained in service history. All services rated poor or fair are classified as quality defects and are reviewed by the program manager, customer service department, and the operations leadership for action management. Our goal is to have the quality defects resolved within 3 days.

In addition to our daily quality management process, National Janitorial Solutions incorporates the following steps into our quality plan:

  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Advance training on the proper methods and tools to provide solutions for health, safety, and appearance.
  • Inspections of the quality of workmanship being delivered.
  • Performance reports to evaluate our service.
  • Weekly Conference Calls /Quarterly Review Meeting
  • Our Clients are covered 24/7
  • National Janitorial Solutions has an answering service with an “On Call” Program Manager available 24/7


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