It’s impossible to deliver the highest quality clean without the proper processes and quality control systems. At National Janitorial Solutions, we’ve optimized our daily processes by implementing Lighthouse technology into our routines. This advanced program allows us to handle each janitorial job with increased productivity and efficiency.

NJS has delivered the most thorough and reliable sanitation services across the county for over 35 years, making us a company you can trust.

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What Is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a specialized software that’s changing the way companies deliver cleaning services, benefiting custodial personnel, managers and customers alike. This janitorial tracking and management system streamlines sanitation operations through various convenient features, including:

  • Live maps
  • Time and attendance data
  • Activity and incident reports
  • Form creation and editing
  • Automated messages and notifications
  • Digital inspections and reporting
  • Customer support
  • Custom analytics

Lighthouse is part of the TEAM Software family and is compatible with GPS satellites, Bluetooth devices, QR codes and NFC programs.

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Benefits of Lighthouse

At NJS, we take quality assurance seriously — and with Lighthouse, we’re able to further commit to our high quality and efficiency standards in our cleaning process. There are many benefits to using this innovative software, including:

  • Improving accountability: The Lighthouse program holds janitorial staff accountable by ensuring that all members are where they need to be when they need to be there.
  • Monitoring processes: We can verify that all tasks are going as planned by using Lighthouse to accurately report daily activities with detailed notes and photos.
  • Boosting efficiency: Because this software allows us to complete forms, reports and inspections from the convenience of our mobile devices, our team is able to accomplish assignments faster.
  • Staying informed: Lighthouse’s automated alerts and emails keep the NJS staff constantly informed regarding important messages and updates.


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