At National Janitorial Solutions, we use CleanTelligent to better organize, track and streamline our janitorial processes. This comprehensive application allows our staff to maintain efficient cleaning procedures and quality control while giving customers confidence that we’ve done the most thorough job possible.

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What Is CleanTelligent?

CleanTelligent is a janitorial management software designed to aid in the quality control process. This web-based solution analyzes and reviews a cleaning company’s custodial performance, allowing them to use their mobile devices to manage work orders, create and submit reports, schedule and confirm cleaning tasks, and send cleaning status updates in real time.

At NJS, the CleanTelligent app is a key component in our quality assurance process, helping us to accomplish three vital tasks:

  • Planning: CleanTelligent allows us to access client questionnaires and welcome packages, create checklists, utilize third-party system training, and view work agreements and client requests.
  • Management: We use this app to schedule services, engage in pre-call planning, create work orders, and manage quality issues and calls.
  • Tracking: Our software enables us to track location ratings, IVR compliance, monthly site evaluations and reporting requirements.
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Benefits of CleanTelligent

When you book services from NJS, we can guarantee a job well done every time, thanks to CleanTelligent. This application allows our janitorial team to optimize our sanitation processes while yielding the following benefits:

  • Improving quality control: We use the CleanTelligent platform to create cleaning processes that exemplify our high quality standards while minimizing deficiencies, enabling us to deliver the most consistent clean possible.
  • Increasing communication: CleanTelligent’s program allows us to engage in timely communication between team members and managers while sending automated cleaning appointment reminders to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Promoting preparedness: Our janitorial staff uses this software to keep track of what materials they need for each job, preparing them to gather the proper supplies the first time.
  • Showcasing results: The CleanTelligent app allows us to show customers how our services directly influence their health and safety.


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