At National Janitorial Solutions, we take sanitation seriously. That’s why we incorporate advanced technologies into our cleaning processes to ensure that we’re providing our customers with the most efficient and thorough clean possible.

advanced phone application


The CleanTelligent app is a major component of our comprehensive quality assurance process. This janitorial management software is a web-based solution designed to analyze and evaluate custodial performance on the job while optimizing daily activities and assignments. Our cleaning staff uses CleanTelligent to plan, manage and track productivity through one convenient mobile application, allowing us to:

  • Generate and submit reports
  • Manage work orders
  • Send real-time cleaning updates
  • Schedule and verify cleaning tasks
Lighthouse app


Our janitorial team manages countless aspects of daily cleaning operations using integrated Lighthouse technology solutions. This specialized software is designed to increase cleaning service efficiency for janitorial personnel and customers alike by helping staff stay informed and maintain greater visibility while performing their duties.

We use Lighthouse technology to streamline operations through efficient system tracking and management. Some of the many activities we can accomplish using Lighthouse include:

  • Recording time and attendance data
  • Creating activity reports
  • Generating and editing forms
  • Viewing live maps
  • Receiving alerts and notifications


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