The condition of commercial flooring can make or break your appearance as a business. Whether you have a prospective employee visiting for an interview or an important meeting with a client, hard floors must remain clean to show that you care about your mission.

The days of kneeling down with a brush to scrub between tiles and other surfaces are in the past thanks to commercial floor cleaning services from National Janitorial Solutions. Our highly trained experts look forward to taking care of common areas, entryways and sales floors so your floor maintenance is out of sight and out of mind.

At National Janitorial Solutions, our goal is to provide a single national source for all of your janitorial, floor care, and window & pressure washing needs.
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Restore Your Commercial Floors While Improving Indoor Air Quality

First impressions are important. When clients walk into your location, one of the first things they notice is your general appearance and the condition of your flooring. Maintaining clean, shiny floors not only makes your facility aesthetically pleasing, it ultimately extends the life of your floors, reducing your overall replacement and maintenance costs.

The trained professionals at National Janitorial Solutions have the expertise to handle cleaning any type of hard flooring, including vinyl composition tile, hardwood, terrazzo, granite, marble and other surfaces. Regular preventive maintenance is essential to the life of your floor. In addition to making a floor appear dingy, dirt can cause deep scratches in its surface, which will then become filled with more dirt that can create an unclean environment.

We use thorough cleaning procedures to collect loose dirt brought in by foot traffic, remove embedded dirt or stuck-in dirt that could have damaged the surface of your flooring and restore the shine of your floors to make them look like new. By cleaning your floors with microfiber equipment, our technicians will improve the indoor air quality of your location by removing dust and other contaminants. By using non-iconic DfE cleaner, our specialists draw out dirt rather than pushing it deeper into the microscopic scratches that exist in your flooring.

Benefits of Using a Professional Hard Floor Cleaner

Hard floors are some of the most frequently used surfaces within a commercial building. Year-round, your workers and visitors track mud, dirt and debris throughout. Heavy traffic results in scuffs and materials that have seen better days.

One of the most difficult spaces to clean is the grout lines that sit between hard flooring tiles. If you’re unable to maintain these crevices, materials that once appeared pristine can slowly collect pockets of moisture, hair and contaminants that smell unpleasant and distract from your business environment. Consider commercial and industrial floor cleaning services by NJS for the following advantages:

  • Get shining floors without completing the job yourself.
  • Clear dirt and bacteria that is trapped in hard to reach places.
  • Pay for only the surfaces you want cleaned.
  • Receive professional help to clean without damaging surfaces.

Corporate Offices

Finding the time to treat hard floors in your corporate building is a challenge year-round. National Janitorial Solutions thrives on open communication to come up with a cleaning schedule that works for your routine.

We have the staffing numbers to tackle complex jobs quickly and accurately. Have our workers clean wood, vinyl and tile floors in cafeterias, conference rooms, reception spaces and break rooms.


Retail Shopping Malls and Stores

Customers often walk into your store with food and drink in hand. Reduce your chances of a fall by having the professionals at NJS eliminate sticky residues, crumbs and contaminants that interfere with flooring finishes. Our state-of-the-art cleaning tools provide your workspaces with a shining appearance that encourages customers to make a purchase with you versus a competitor.

Why Partner With National Janitorial Solutions?

NJS connects you to your very own account manager for the coordination and scheduling of commercial tile and grout cleaning services. Since you have a single point of contact, you’ll know exactly when to expect our crews with fewer obstacles for convenience.

Our experts visit commercial spaces in all 50 U.S. states for unmatched cleaning results. Review the following details to see why NJS is the obvious choice for your commercial and industrial floor cleaning needs:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • An account manager who is always on-call
  • Employees who undergo training to comply with health and safety standards
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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