Indoor carpeting should leave your commercial space looking neat, professional and welcoming for anyone stepping foot inside. Business owners opt for carpeting due to its flexibility in terms of texture, style and color, but heavy foot traffic is enough to put your investments at risk of stains and deterioration.

If you’re in charge of a hotel, public school, venue or professional office space, carpet cleaning services ensure rooms maintain a favorable appearance. Whether you have dirt, allergens or dust building up in your commercial space, National Janitorial Solutions is here for you with the equipment necessary for a job well done. We proudly serve clients across the United States to make your life easier.

At National Janitorial Solutions, our goal is to provide a single national source for all of your janitorial, floor care, and window & pressure washing needs.
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Remove Dirt and Substances Under Commercial Carpets

The air quality within any type of building structure has the potential to become much worse than the quality of outside air when carpets are not properly maintained and cleaned. If not taken care of, carpets can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Carpets that are embedded with dirt and dust can become infested with allergens and other things that can be unhealthy. National Janitorial Solutions performs all carpet services including:

  • Low moisture
  • Hot water extraction
  • Carpet spotting
  • Restoration services

Preserve the professionalism of your location with indoor cleaning services from National Janitorial Solutions.

National Janitorial Solutions’ carpet cleaning specialists use a low moisture process to clean carpets, not a heavy detergent process like other professional services use. When detergent is used in the cleaning process and is not completely removed from the carpet fibers, it can leave some carpets dirtier than they were to begin with. Through our low moisture process, we are effectively able to clean carpets and remove deeply embedded stains and substances. We can even remove detergent that other carpet cleaning companies have left behind.

No matter what chemicals or substances have been spilled onto a carpeted area, it is imperative that these elements are removed so that your carpet can promote a clean, healthy environment. National Janitorial Solutions provides outstandingly thorough carpet cleaning services. We use a scientific process that is designed to completely remove dirt and substances that can be found under the surface of your carpets. Our goal is to provide you with carpet cleaning services that will get your location to meet your industry’s stipulations for hygiene, safety and appearance.

Benefits of Using a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Commercial carpet cleaning services appeal to those that want the sound-absorbing qualities and aesthetics of carpet without all the upkeep. It only takes a second for a drink spill or accident to occur, so our experts are ready to visit your workplace at a time convenient for you.

National Janitorial Solutions offers routine appointment scheduling to help you stay focused on your employees and daily responsibilities. Some further advantages of professional carpet cleaning services for your business include the following:

  • Limiting the spread of bacteria, mold and other contaminants
  • Prolonging the life of carpet installations
  • Maintaining carpet color and feel
  • Stopping stains, liquids and dirt from settling in
  • Offering zero disruption to your routine
  • Working with trained experts who know the best methods for removing stains

Our cleaning crews have experience working in diverse industries. Consider our corporate carpet cleaning services for the following spaces.

Offices and Corporate Buildings

Some companies work out of commercial buildings that stretch across multiple floors. From cubicles to conference rooms, your employees track mud, water and debris without realizing it.

National Janitorial Solutions specializes in office carpet cleaning services for efficiency. Tell us about the size of your building, and we’ll send out crews to clean before, during or after your hours of operation.

Retail Stores

Filthy carpets leave a negative first impression on your customers. Have National Janitorial Solutions enter your commercial space to tidy up break rooms, sales floors and common areas prone to crumbs, drops and spills. Our retail carpet cleaning services enable you to impress customers and drive repeat sales.

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