Our services can help provide a clean, healthy environment in your pharmacy that keeps your customers coming back. We provide our clients with a variety of customizable cleaning programs to keep stores free of dust, dirt, odors and stains.

At National Janitorial Solutions, we provide a single national source for all your janitorial needs, from floor care to pressure washing.
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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Pharmacy Cleaners

Cleanliness and sanitation are vital in pharmacies. Your patrons expect and require your facility to be a safe place to shop so they can find the medicine and supplies they need to recover from illnesses and live healthier lives.

Hiring a professional cleaning company like NJS will bring many benefits to your business, including:

  • A better brand image: The cleanliness of your store has a significant impact on the way your customers view your business. The more attractive your store is, the more likely customers will choose you over a competitor.
  • Increased productivity: When a professional cleaning company manages your janitorial needs, your employees have more time to focus on customers and business operations. A cleaner store will also promote better health among your staff, resulting in fewer sick days.
  • Fewer expenses: You can save money when working with professionals since you won’t have to purchase expensive cleaning supplies and tools yourself. Maintaining cleanliness will also prolong the life of your equipment, surfaces and supplies, helping you save on replacement costs.
  • More expertise: Professional cleaning services thoroughly understand cleaning and sanitizing procedures. They can provide effective and efficient results that improve the health and safety of your store.

Drugstore Cleaning Services From National Janitorial Solutions

Every day hundreds of customers travel in and out of drugstores to fill their prescriptions, creating high-traffic areas that lead to dirty, scuffed and worn-out floors that appear unappealing and unsafe. With our hard floor services that are tailored to the drugstore industry, we’ll remove grime and set-in stains from your floors and preserve their finish. We can clean and polish hardwood, vinyl composition tile, granite, marble, terrazzo and more to keep your floors looking spotless.

If your stores are carpeted, we can help. National Janitorial Solutions uses the latest 5th-generation low-moisture carpet cleaning for outstanding nonsticking results every time. Whether you have hard floors or carpet, we can provide the thorough cleaning you need to create a welcoming and safe environment for your customers.

Our professional janitorial services can also help provide the best first impression to your customers. Since your store’s windows are the first thing your customers see, we’ll keep your glass crystal clear through our window cleaning services. Your windows will be free from fingerprints, smudges and streaks. Professional window cleaning and the rest of our janitorial services will enhance your customer’s experience and provide a healthy environment in which to shop.

Why Choose the Professional Drugstore Cleaners at National Janitorial Solutions?

NJS strives to provide the high-quality, comprehensive solutions our clients need to keep up with the demands of their industry and business. When you partner with our company, you can trust you will get the tailored services your drugstore requires to create a safe and healthy environment for customers.

Some advantages of working with NJS include:

Quality Assurance

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive care to help our clients create safer and healthier environments for their customers and employees. To ensure our services meet your expectations and needs, we follow a three-step process:

  1. Consultation: Our customer service team will consult with you, developing a customized plan that addresses your budget, cleaning requirements and other concerns.
  2. Confirmation: An assigned program manager will work with you to confirm locations, schedules and follow-up procedures.
  3. Evaluation: We will consistently monitor results to resolve issues and ensure your satisfaction after every service event.

Service Delivery Model

In addition to our quality assurance process, we operate on a service delivery model to address any results rated as poor or fair. These ratings are classified as quality defects, requiring review from several departments to ensure they are resolved and that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To further offer the best results to our clients, we also provide:

  • Advanced training on proper cleaning tools and methods.
  • Frequent inspections on the quality of work being delivered.
  • Performance reports evaluating our services.
  • Weekly conference calls or quarterly review meetings.
  • A dedicated program manager as well as an on-call program manager for emergencies.

Advanced Technology

NJS focuses on providing effective, efficient and thorough services to our clients. We’ve incorporated several innovative technologies to help us achieve our goals and ensure satisfaction. The two main types of software we utilize are:

  • Lighthouse: This software allows for greater visibility into our cleaning services by helping us accomplish activities like recording attendance data, creating activity reports and sending alerts. We can streamline operations for increased efficiency, keeping staff members and clients informed throughout the process.
  • CleanTelligent: Through this app, we evaluate custodial performance and optimize daily tasks to increase productivity. Staff can generate reports, manage work orders, schedule tasks and send real-time updates to ensure a high quality of work.

Customer-Centric Support

We care about your business’s unique needs. Whatever your budget, industry requirements or time constraints, NJS will work with you to develop customized plans for your situation. To give you the greatest convenience, we offer:

  • Affordable rates.
  • Access to real-time data.
  • Centralized corporate billing.
  • 24/7 emergency service.
  • Flexible payment terms.
  • Compliance monitoring.
  • Standardization of chemicals and consumables.

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Whatever service we perform, NJS works to preserve the integrity of your pharmacy. Our mission is to create professional and healthy environments by paying attention to detail and taking the time to do what is best for our clients. To get a quote for our services, contact us online today.


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