When it comes to food service, it’s important to make sure your establishment is clean. However, hiring your own on-site cleaning staff can be expensive — plus, your workers might not have the necessary experience to properly sanitize your restaurant. With professional restaurant chain cleaning services, you can save money and ensure that your eatery is clean, healthy, and safe.

With over 30 years of experience, National Janitorial Solutions is highly qualified to perform commercial cleaning for restaurant chains. We utilize the most advanced sanitation technologies and skilled janitorial workers to deliver customized solutions for our clients. You can trust us to provide a thorough, comprehensive clean every time.

At National Janitorial Solutions, our goal is to provide a single national source for all of your janitorial, floor care, and window & power washing needs.
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Importance of Cleaning Services for Restaurants

Cleanliness is a must in the food industry. A well-kept restaurant is the key to maintaining credibility as a business and remaining in good standing with sanitation laws. When your restaurant is visibly clean, your customers can trust that your chain is a safe, appealing place to eat.

Restaurants tend to experience heavy foot traffic, with different customers touching and eating on the same surfaces all day. This traffic can result in food-covered counters, smudged tables, and filthy floors. Though these characteristics are completely normal and a sign of good business, it’s vital that you do your part to properly clean your establishment to ensure food safety.

NJS is your solution for restaurant chain janitorial services. Our cleaning service providers are required to complete an extensive training course designed to give them the skills and techniques necessary to deliver high-quality sanitation. When you hire us, you can choose from any of our national cleaning services:

  • Hard floors: Customers always notice an establishment’s floors. With our hard floor cleaning services, your floors will look great and last.
  • Janitorial services: We maintain the highest standards for health, safety, and appearance when it comes to cleaning your restaurant. We handle all sanitation jobs, both big and small.
  • Carpet cleaning: We’ll clean your carpets to eliminate bacteria and improve the air quality of your restaurant.
  • Construction cleanup: Our staff will manage all post-construction cleanup and floor finishing to ensure that your store maintains the proper layout.
  • WindowsYour windows will boast a sparkling clean with our window washing services, where we’ll meticulously separate and treat your glass.
  • Power washing: Our high-power sprayer is perfect for removing mold, grime, dirt, mud, and dust.

Benefits of Working With National Janitorial Solutions

At NJS, we set the standard for high-quality commercial cleaning for restaurant chains. We deliver comprehensive solutions involving the most modern technologies to help our clients look professional and keep their customers safe and satisfied. Our leading technologies include hard floor, dirt and carpet cleaning tech. Our team strives for nothing less than the best when it comes to thorough cleaning.

When you work with NJS, you’ll experience the many benefits of partnering with our team:

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