Every healthcare facility is different, but they all have one thing in common — the need for thorough sanitation and well-maintained cleanliness. Health and safety are of utmost importance in the medical field. That’s why so many offices utilize national healthcare cleaning services.

National Janitorial Solutions is your reliable choice in national medical office cleaning services. With over 30 years of commitment to the sanitation industry, you can trust us with all of your most vital janitorial jobs.

Importance of Working With an Experienced Cleaning Company

You can find germs and bacteria in any commercial building, but the risks of contamination and infection are much higher in healthcare facilities like hospitals, doctors’ offices and physical therapy practices. These types of offices often come into contact with bodily fluids and bloodborne pathogens that must be eliminated to protect the health of patients.

Individuals rely on healthcare centers to preserve their health and wellness, keeping them safe from illness. Through national healthcare janitorial cleaning and sanitizing services, you can ensure that all of your most critical surfaces are sterile and free of harmful contaminants, cultivating a healthy environment for your patients and coworkers.

NJS uses hospital-grade cleaning chemicals to provide the deepest clean in medical centers, eliminating germs like M. tuberculosis bacillus, HIV 1 and gram-positive and -negative bacteria as well as stubborn odors and soil. With our comprehensive national cleaning services for medical offices, we’ll help your facility control the spread of diseases by delivering a long-lasting clean. Our services include:

  • Janitorial: Our experienced staff can perform any sanitation service that suits your needs, no matter how minor or extensive.
  • Power washing: Our high-pressure mechanical sprayers are equipped to remove the most persistent contaminants, like mold, grime, mud and dust.
  • Hard floors: We’ll polish your floors to deliver the shiniest clean while also extending their service life.
  • Carpet cleaning: We can eliminate any germs and bacteria trapped in your carpet fibers to maintain healthy air qality.
  • Windows: Our team will separate your glass to clean the most hard-to-reach places on your windows.

Benefits of Cleaning Services With National Janitorial Solutions

At NJS, we settle for nothing less than the most thorough clean. For over three decades, we’ve held ourselves to high health and sanitation standards, utilizing the most advanced technologies and customized solutions for our clients. We have conducted extensive research to determine the most effective cleaning methods, pointing us toward specific tools and chemicals for long-lasting results.

Every member of our janitorial staff is required to engage in training seminars to ensure that they have the knowledge and resources necessary to provide the deepest clean. Our team is dedicated to helping companies from every industry uphold an image of professionalism and dependability through proper sanitation.

With NJS, you can enjoy these unique benefits:

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