Importance of Post Construction Cleanup
A commercial construction project is a massive undertaking that involves multiple stages and processes. The work can leave behind an enormous amount of dust, dirt and debris. Implementing professional cleaning services after construction work is crucial for ensuring the building is ready to open and safe for employees, customers and visitors.

What is construction cleaning? The process typically begins after contractors complete their work and involves deep-cleaning walls, floors, ceilings and more. Depending on the type of commercial building, there may also be additional cleaning steps after installing appliances and other work equipment and a final cleanup to prepare for the grand opening.

Hiring an experienced, professional company to handle the post-construction cleanup process can provide numerous benefits for building owners, contractors and anyone who spends time in the facility after it opens.

1. Safer and Cleaner

A cleaner construction site is a safer construction site. A professional cleanup crew has extensive experience removing all the debris that can litter the area. Sometimes, the construction team isn’t conscientious about cleaning up after the job and may leave behind nails and other items that could cause injuries. The heavy volume of dust that the work creates also requires extra effort to eliminate.

The cleanup process can also be dangerous for individuals who don’t know what they’re doing or may not have the experience to do the job safely. The work often requires handling hazardous cleaning chemicals or using potentially dangerous equipment. Besides putting workers at risk, not following the established procedures and protocols could lead to a violation of OSHA regulations.

An experienced cleanup company can also sanitize the site after removing all the dust and debris. This step is especially important due to increasing concerns about the spread of infectious diseases. As a result, building owners can open their new facility with more peace of mind and lower their liability exposure.

2. Proper Equipment and Expertise

Cleaning up a construction site requires much more than a broom and dustpan. It takes specialized tools and equipment to do the job, including trucks, trailers, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaning machines, burnishers and extractors. In many cases, workers must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contacting or inhaling toxic substances.

A professional post-construction cleanup company possesses the necessary equipment to get rid of all types of waste materials safely and efficiently. It also has the expertise to identify hidden issues that untrained workers are likely to miss. The cleanup team knows where to look for dirt and debris that’s difficult to see but could cause problems if they fail to remove it.

Given the expansive scope of many cleanup operations, post-construction cleanup businesses have the human and mechanical resources to manage cleanup tasks of all sizes. These experienced crews can handle any sized building, from single-tenant offices to factories.

3. Proper Debris Disposal

Cleaning up the debris is only half the battle. It’s also important to know how to dispose of it safely. Depending on the types of materials, companies may also need to comply with OSHA waste disposal guidelines or state and local regulations to avoid a potentially costly violation.

Professional cleaning companies know what to do with the various kinds of waste they may encounter at a construction site. The crews know if the debris can go to a landfill or recycling yard. They can also determine if they’re working with hazardous or toxic materials that require special handling. In many cases, the company will need to separate multiple substances and prepare them for individual disposal processes.

Debris disposal often requires the acquisition of permits. A post-construction cleanup company understands how to navigate this cumbersome process and cut through the bureaucratic red tape, leading to a faster, less expensive result and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Because post-construction cleanup companies specialize in performing this highly detailed work, they can do the job quickly and within the designated time frame.

4. Time Savings

Commercial building owners usually want to open their new facility as quickly as possible. The sooner they can get up and running, the faster they can start generating revenue. Contractors must work hard to keep the project on schedule and adhere to the established timeline. Falling behind increases their costs and leads to unhappy building owners.

Because post-construction cleanup companies specialize in performing this highly detailed work, they can do the job quickly and within the designated time frame. Their efficiency also means they do the task correctly the first time and won’t miss any areas that may require revisiting the site or executing time-wasting re-dos.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

The cleanup process can take many hours or even several days in the aftermath of a large construction job. A professional crew can do the job much faster than untrained personnel with little experience. Project owners and contractors can ultimately save money because the task will require fewer labor hours than when attempting to do the work themselves. They’ll also avoid the need to invest in all the specialized tools and equipment required to execute various procedures.

Hiring a professional cleaning service after a construction job can also allow contractors to allocate their available resources more efficiently. They can dispatch their crews to perform other essential project completion tasks instead of handling cleanup duties. Besides saving time and money, this can ensure a more successful outcome.

6. Damage Prevention

Construction cleanup may require a delicate touch, especially when working around surfaces and objects susceptible to damage. Another benefit of post-construction cleaning performed by a professional company is that the crews will perform their duties with utmost care. Building owners and contractors will have fewer concerns about nails scratching furniture and other mishaps that can result in expensive replacements.

Cleaning companies also understand how to match chemicals and equipment with specific functions. They’ll avoid using cleaning products or machinery that could harm newly finished flooring, walls and surfaces. Additionally, they’ll leave everything in the same condition they found it to ensure the project is ready for any finishing touches the contractor is waiting to apply.

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