The Importance of Carpet Cleaning for Offices

Using carpeting in office buildings and facilities increases the appeal of the indoor environment, boosts levels of professionalism and absorbs excess sound. Unfortunately, carpeting isn’t always easy to maintain. When employees and clients come inside, they can bring in dirt, stones, leaves and other debris. These elements lead to dirty, dusty carpeting that can negatively impact your office space.

Learn more about why cleaning your carpet is necessary and the importance of commercial carpet cleaning.

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Repercussions of Poorly Maintained Carpet

While dirty carpets can affect your facility’s appearance, they can also be detrimental to your employees’ health. The consequences of having dirty carpets can take many forms — your office’s carpets may visibly look stained and dirty, or they can trap allergens, like pollen, pet hair and dust, that negatively impact people’s health. In extreme cases, your carpeting may become moldy, leading to severe illness.

Here are a few specific issues that arise when you don’t care for your carpeting properly:

1. Can Attract Pests

One pest you may encounter thanks to dirty carpeting are dust mites. These critters are microscopic, so you can barely see them with the naked eye, and they live off of dust and dander that collects on soft surfaces, such as office furniture and rugs.

Another pest that can live in your carpet fibers is a carpet beetle. These creatures are small and resemble moths. Just as their name indicates, carpet beetles are capable of settling into carpet fiber and destroying it. These infestations are subtle and progress slowly, usually taking a year to finally damage your carpet.

Additionally, ants are another common pest that can live within an unclean carpet, as they tend to nest in colonies underneath or near the fibers. These insects take a liking to food and moisture. Like most small insects, they’re not harmful physically, but they can harness bacteria and take over your office breakroom.

In certain cases when employees spill food on carpeting and fail to clean it up, rodents may start making their presence known in your workplace.

2. May Harbor Mold

An office environment with higher humidity levels can be a problem for carpet. In humidity levels over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fungal growth can start to occur. Specifically, rugs that contain large amounts of dust can keep moisture trapped within the fibers and increase the chances of mold. A few areas to consider for mold growth include near bathrooms and kitchens.

A few types of mold found in carpeting include:

  • Aureobasidium: Starts by turning pink and eventually will appear brown. Found underneath carpets, especially in damp and dark areas.
  • Chaetomium: Can produce a musty odor, settling in damp rooms with carpets and water-damaged areas.
  • Fusarium: Can be either red, pink or white, growing in damp carpeted areas.

3. Causes Respiratory Issues

Even if your facility’s carpets appear clean, they can be a source of respiratory irritants. Daily foot traffic can lift particles into the air so your employees and patrons inhale them. Those in your building who have asthma issues can be more sensitive and experience negative symptoms. Furthermore, dirt buildup can contribute to allergies in the same way, as clouds of dust can minimize the indoor air quality in your facility and make breathing more difficult for employees.

If you’re in a hospital specifically, a dirty carpet can negatively affect a patient’s experience. All health facilities should be as clean as possible as a means of patient safety and professionalism. The healthcare environment is demanding and requires special attention to cleanliness and sanitation.

4. Reduces Productivity

Every employee looks forward to a clean office where they can feel comfortable. Working with a dirty carpet under their feet can be stressful and contribute to a negative workplace environment. An odorous, spotted carpet may be distracting and lower their morale and production. Of course, since carpet can be the source of many allergens, some employees may have problems in the office because of their allergies.

Other issues that arise out of dirty work areas are:

  • Creates disruption: Noticeably dirty carpets can be distracting.
  • Inhibits creativity: In a dirty work area, your employees will likely struggle to feel inspired.
  • Slows production: A clean workspace improves company efficiency, as your workers will feel motivated to complete tasks.
  • Causes anxiety: Both clutter and dirt can cause stress for individuals in a professional environment.

How to Maintain Clean Carpets in an Office Building

Maintaining clean carpets won’t just help your employees stay healthy — they’ll be productive and happy, as well. So, what are the measures you can follow to keep your team from facing the problems that arise from dirty carpets? When you combine weekly care and professional cleaning, you can ensure your office’s carpeting stays clean and looks wonderful.

Both routine vacuuming and spot cleaning can do the job. Make sure the vacuums your facility uses have high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters, which are regularly cleaned. By developing a routine cleaning plan, your office’s air quality will improve and employees and patrons won’t experience problems when visiting your office.

Additionally, you should hire a commercial cleaning service to deep clean your carpeting every so often. This service will enlist professional carpet cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning, to ensure your carpeting is as clean as possible. When it’s time to replace your old carpeting, your commercial cleaning crew can help remove and replace your floors. The benefits of commercial carpet cleaning are clear.

Hire National Janitorial Solutions to Clean Your Carpets

Hire National Janitorial Solutions to Clean Your Carpets

Taking the extra step to hire professional cleaning and sanitizing services will ensure your workplace’s carpets are in perfect shape. National Janitorial Solutions can help. With our in-depth, precise carpet cleaning services, you can rest assured that your carpeting will remain in wonderful condition. Let us take care of the job so you can focus on other tasks during the workday.

For more than eight years, we’ve served customers throughout the country, helping them maintain clean and healthy workspaces. Are you interested in utilizing our comprehensive services to transform your office space? Contact us to learn more about how we can help your office thrive!

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