Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or office, you’ll have many people use your restrooms daily. A dirty bathroom can powerfully impact your business’ reputation and bottom line. A recent survey found 60% of Americans will immediately leave a business or be less likely to return after encountering an unpleasant restroom.

Hiring commercial cleaning and bathroom maintenance services can keep your employees and clients happy. Continue reading to learn how bathrooms impact business.

How Bathrooms Affect Your Business

Many public restroom complaints can frustrate customers. Lack of soap, clogged toilets and dirty sinks are among the most common issues people have when using a business’ restroom. By retaining professional janitorial services, you can ensure your bathrooms are clean to keep your customers and employees happy.

How can dirty bathrooms damage your business’ reputation?

1. Creates a Health Hazard

Any unclean place can lead to health risks. Hundreds of people use public restrooms daily, making them the ideal setting for germs of all types to gather. A dirty bathroom can cause bacteria and germs to linger, putting customers at risk of viruses and other health issues.

Cold and flu viral particles can live on hard surfaces for hours. Health officials have traced the spread of specific viruses and bacteria to public restrooms, including hepatitis A in elementary school restrooms and norovirus in workplace, airplane and cruise ship bathrooms. If customers start getting sick, word will spread, and people will begin avoiding your business.

If your employees also use these restrooms, the problems only increase. Dirty bathrooms can lower employee morale and cause health issues. When workers need to take more sick days, productivity decreases. For customer and employee safety and smooth business operations, it’s essential to keep your restrooms clean at all times.

2. Reflects Poorly on Your Business

It’s vital to consider the state of your bathroom as a reflection of your business image. For instance, if you own a restaurant and forget to clean your restrooms, customers may question the cleanliness of your kitchen. These negative perceptions can significantly harm your business, especially in the modern age when even one online review, blog post or social media share can quickly spread the word.

Businesses in the service industry, such as hospitality, can give their customers peace of mind by maintaining clean restrooms. People encountering dirty bathrooms can develop a negative image of your establishment and might distrust other aspects of your company, including customer service and billing. Over time, they might scrutinize your offerings more closely or argue more about service charges.

People encountering dirty bathrooms can develop a negative image of your establishment and might distrust other aspects of your company, including customer service and billing.

3. Deters Potential Customers

People’s first encounter with your business might be coming in to use the restroom. If they find it dirty, they’ll probably be less likely to return. People who use your bathrooms might become potential clients, but when you forget to maintain your restrooms, these customers might stay away.

First impressions are everything, and if people see your bathroom as a representation of your business’ quality, you can lose potential customers. To bolster your image, keeping your restrooms clean is essential.

Importance of Clean Restrooms for Businesses

A spotless business bathroom will keep your customers and employees happy. It also reflects well on your company and ensures clients have a positive experience. When hiring a commercial bathroom cleaning service, you can confirm your bathroom stays hygienic.

Learn more about the importance of bathroom cleaning for businesses below.

1. Projects a Clean Message

A clean restroom gives customers a positive perception of your business. As you know, people may use your bathroom’s cleanliness as a yardstick to judge your entire company. This quality is especially crucial for restaurants, as it reflects highly on your kitchen and your food safety. In the hospitality industry, you might establish more customer trust by showing people that you care for all other areas in your building.

Essentially, a spotless bathroom can lead to repeat business and higher earnings.

2. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Clean restrooms can lead to happier customers and fewer complaints against your establishment. A commitment to hygiene also prevents negative reviews, which can quickly discourage customers from frequenting your business. Cleanliness demonstrates your company’s dedication to all phases of the customer service experience.

Customers will appreciate your efforts and reward your business with glowing reviews that generate interest among future clients. Customers will have confidence they can use your bathroom facilities, especially in a restaurant environment, and may stay longer and continue spending money on food and drinks.

3. Lowers the Risk of Illness

Keeping a clean bathroom will reduce the risk of illness and ensure your customers’ and employees’ safety. Floors, toilets, sinks and doorknobs are bacterial hot spots. Your attention to restroom maintenance ensures customers and employees have less chance of getting sick when they use them. You also prevent negative reviews and provide a consistently positive customer experience.

Generally, the more traffic your business encounters, the more often you should call upon professional cleaning services. For instance, if you own a restaurant, office building, hotel or day care, you’ll likely need to have your bathroom cleaned often to reduce the risk of illness among your employees and staff.

Book National Janitorial Solutions for Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services

Book National Janitorial Solutions for Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services

Keeping your business clean can mean the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. Clean restrooms are a benchmark for an ideal workspace, and make customers want to return to your business again and again. When you choose National Janitorial Solutions for professional cleaning, you ensure your bathrooms stay clean so you can focus more on your business.

At NJS, we’ve provided exceptional janitorial services to our clients for over 35 years. We have designed our cleaning services to eliminate grime and keep your workspace looking spotless. We provide various cleaning services, including trash removal, floor treatments, disinfecting countertops and thorough sanitation. With NJS, you’ll receive reliable services to keep your bathrooms hygienic, no matter the industry your business operates in.

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