Productivity measures the quantity and quality of work your employees can accomplish each day. Businesses strive to improve their productivity to increase their profitability and competitiveness. Managers make significant investments in training and technology to make their workforce more productive, but they often miss some of the easiest and most effective solutions.

Hiring a janitorial services company to maintain a clean and healthy work environment is a simple improvement that can significantly influence your workforce productivity. Employees thrive when they feel comfortable and safe at work. Learn how investing in cleaning services can help boost your staff’s productivity.

Benefits of Having a Clean Work Environment

Studies show that our brains function better when our environment is clean and orderly. Clearing dust and clutter helps people focus and process information faster. Maintaining a clean workspace can help improve your staff’s productivity in the following ways:

1. Prevents Sick Leave

When employees call in sick, their productivity plummets to zero. Plus, the rest of your team must work harder to cover their absence, possibly putting their work aside to complete other projects.

Without proper cleaning, illnesses tend to spread rapidly through the office, potentially infecting an entire team within a few days. Frequent maintenance is essential to keep germs and viruses at bay. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring a cleaning service to disinfect your office could significantly reduce the frequency of sick leave.

Making an effort to keep your staff healthy also shows that you appreciate your team. Studies show that employees who feel valued are more productive and engaged in their work.

2. Boosts Team Efficiency

Digging through cluttered cabinets and messy drawers looking for a certain file is frustrating and takes time away from completing more important tasks. If 10 of your employees spend 5 minutes a day searching for missing supplies, that quickly adds up to 25 hours of wasted time every month.

Keeping your workspace clean and organized makes it easy for your employees to find what they’re looking for so they can use their time for more productive tasks.

3. Reduces Employee Stress

A dirty or cluttered environment can make the workday even more stressful for your employees — especially if they’re afraid of getting sick. Anxiety and stress can significantly reduce your staff’s happiness and performance.

Keeping your workspace clean and sanitized promotes a positive and relaxed environment where your team feels comfortable.

4. Keeps Employees Happy

Working among dust and grime can leave your staff feeling unhappy. Dirty bathrooms are especially upsetting to U.S. employees. Three-quarters of Americans agree that the condition of the restroom reflects how much the company values its employees.

Investing in cleaning services to improve employee satisfaction could help your business thrive. Studies show that employees are 13% more productive when they are happy.

5. Promotes a Professional Work Environment

When clients and employees walk into any business, they expect a clean and professional workspace. Whether you run a corporate office or an urgent care facility, maintaining a clean and organized facility is crucial to attracting new customers and qualified staff. If there’s dirt and debris everywhere, they’ll view your business as underqualified and chaotic.

A professional cleaning service will keep your workspace looking clean and polished to impress your guests and employees. When your facilities look professional and organized, it will encourage your team to act professional and organized.

6. Motivates Your Employees

It’s normal for an office to become a bit dusty and cluttered throughout the week. Coming into a fresh and tidy workspace is like wiping the slate clean. It will remind your team that every day is a new opportunity to improve. Your staff will feel motivated to put their best foot forward.

7. Strengthens Team Morale

Having a messy workspace can make your employees feel frustrated, stressed and upset. When your employees are in a bad mood, it makes it challenging for them to build positive relationships with their clients and coworkers.

A facility that looks and smells fresh can help lift your team’s spirits so they tackle the day with a positive outlook. Happy employees contribute to a cheerful atmosphere and collaboration. And when employees collaborate, they feel more engaged with what they’re doing and stick to the task.

8. Allows for Better Concentration

Concentration is a key part of working productively, but it can easily be thrown off by the smallest things. A bad smell or sticky keyboard can distract your employees, making it challenging for them to focus on their work. Cleanliness is crucial so your staff can dedicate all of their time and attention to their responsibilities.

9. Aids Employee Retention

The longer your employees train and work for your business, the more productive they become. To retain skilled employees, it’s crucial to maintain a clean and efficient workspace.

Working in a messy environment can be frustrating, uncomfortable and even embarrassing for employees. They may leave the company in search of a cleaner workplace.

Investing in a professional janitorial service to maintain your facility will show that you value your employees and strive to provide a safe and healthy workspace.

Employee retention also benefits your entire team. Your staff can focus on their current duties instead of training new hires or taking on projects from team members who have left the company.

10. Lowers Injury Risk

Climbing over clutter or slipping on a spill in the hallway could cause a serious injury. If an employee gets hurt, they could be out of the office for a week or more. Protect your employees from accidental injuries by keeping your workplace clean and clutter-free with a professional janitorial service.

11. Preserves Your Facility

When dust and grime build up on your tools and equipment, it can prevent them from functioning properly. Plus, if you don’t clean and care for your supplies, your employees aren’t likely to do so either. Over time, equipment may become damaged and stop working entirely. Having to go days or weeks without the proper supplies will significantly reduce your team’s productivity.

By cleaning and taking care of your facility and everything inside, you instill a sense of pride and respect for your equipment. In turn, your employees will treat printers, computers and other tools with care so they last longer without being replaced.

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