With the concerns of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading in the United States, many of our customers and staff will have questions or concerns regarding their work in a public location.

Coronavirus Packet


The following guide is for your use only as a Facility Manager/Operations Manager/EVS Director. Please review this guide carefully and refer to it when questions arise. If you have questions beyond this guide, please feel free to reach out to your Facility Manager.

  • Coronavirus Guide: Facility Managers


The following guides should be printed and discussed with each shift at your facility. Refer to these
guides when your employees or customers have questions in reference to COVID-19.

  • Coronavirus Guide: Disinfecting High-Touch Areas
  • Coronavirus Guide: Everyday Prevention Actions
  • Coronavirus Guide: “I feel sick.” – What to do Next

The attached posters should be printed and displayed in an area at your facility that is highly visible by
your employees, but out of view of the general public. The best area might be by your timeclock, in a
breakroom, an employee-only bathroom, etc. These posters should be discussed in detail along with the
above guides.

  • Handwashing Poster
  • Stop the Spread of Germs Poster – from CDC
  • Symptoms Poster – from CDC

Download the PDF of Our Coronavirus Guide – Generic Scope

Download the PDF of Our Coronavirus Guide – Medical

Download the PDF of Our Coronavirus Guide – Retail

Download the PDF of Our Coronavirus Guide – Office & Warehouse

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