The cleanliness of your facility can have a significant impact on your business’s success. While cleaning services are a considerable investment, there are numerous benefits for your and your staff. Ensuring you have clean shared workspaces can improve collaboration and productivity, and clean stores enhance customer satisfaction.

Understanding whether your company is cleaning for appearance or health is crucial. Cleaning for appearance focuses on how your facility looks while cleaning for health focuses on proper sanitation. Businesses should clean for both health and appearance to safeguard the health of their employees and improve the impression they make on clients and customers.

Cleaning for Health vs. Appearance

The two main reasons we keep facilities clean are to improve people’s health and keep things looking good. Having a clean office or shop is crucial — most people are unwilling to work in a dirty environment or shop somewhere that shows little concern for the health and comfort of staff and clients.

Commercial businesses should clean for both health and appearance for several reasons. Clean facilities safeguard the health of employees and clients and create a professional image for your company. You can also improve staff productivity, reduce pests and attract new customers with a hygienic and welcoming facility.

Why You Should Clean Commercial Businesses for Appearance

Having a neat environment can increase employee morale, make visitors more comfortable and boost the productivity of your employees.

Cleaning for appearance generally focuses on keeping your facility looking clean and tidy. This type of cleaning is mainly surface cleaning. It involves picking up litter, removing dust and removing anything that may make the environment look dirty.

Why You Should Clean Commercial Businesses for Health

While some organizations may only clean for appearance, this can create long-term problems for the health and safety of those in the facility. Even when a surface looks clean, it may still have hidden contaminants that can spread diseases.

Cleaning for health is more intensive than cleaning for appearance. It requires sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces with detergents and sprays to eliminate germs, bacteria, pathogens and other disease-causing microorganisms. Fortunately, you can clean for health and appearance at the same time. Low-traffic areas mainly need to maintain a certain level of cleanliness to look good. On the other hand, you should clean areas and surfaces that people frequently touch or use at least once daily for both health and appearance.

Five Benefits of Cleaning for Health and Appearance

While keeping your facility clean may seem like a huge undertaking, it is essential for any organization to invest in its facility’s maintenance. Below are five benefits of cleaning for both health and appearance.

1. Creates Good First Impressions

Create Good Impressions With a Clean Building

How people perceive your business when they first encounter it is key to your company’s reputation. A dirty office or shop can reflect negatively on your business — customers may feel that you lack professionalism or that your goods or services are of lower quality.

You want people to feel safe and comfortable when they visit your establishment. A tidy environment can create a welcoming ambiance for potential customers, investors and clients, who will see you as more professional and credible if your facility looks clean and well-maintained. It can also instill trust and confidence in your business, as cleanliness shows that you pay attention to details. Visitors who enter a clean, fresh-smelling facility will have a better impression of your company.

2. Attracts and Retain Customers

A clean and professional establishment can attract new customers and help you retain them regardless of your industry. A clean establishment looks more professional, and many people associate cleanliness with quality.

Clean, pleasant facilities can help draw people to enter your establishment, spend more time there and share their experiences with others. Customers who feel welcome and have enjoyed their time with you are more likely to return, especially if crucial areas such as your restrooms and reception are neat and welcoming.

3. Prevents Pests

Even cleaning for appearance can reduce the number of pests you have to deal with. Keeping your facility looking clean means removing debris and litter that can attract pests like ants, termites, flies and rats. Preventing these pests:

  • Aids in retaining clients: Consumers are quick to avoid stores or establishments with visible pest problems. One video or story about pests near food or in a public area can cause your sales to drop considerably.
  • Protects staff and visitor health: Pests can spread microbial and vector-borne diseases that threaten human health.
  • Prevents damage: From infested materials to chewed computers and wiring, pests can cause considerable damage to a facility.

4. Improves Employee Productivity

A clean environment can improve your employee’s productivity. The more clutter and mess around an employee, the more distracted and overwhelmed they may be. Some employees might even find a mess so bothersome that they focus on cleaning common areas rather than working. Ensuring that your staff has a clean office can help them concentrate on their work and increase their productivity by providing them with an orderly environment to work in.

A clean facility can also improve productivity by reducing the spread of illness. Healthy employees are absent less often and can give work their full attention.

5. Creates a Safer Workplace

Good hygiene is essential to the safety and health of your staff and anyone who visits your establishment. Cleaning for health eliminates germs, bacteria, pathogens and other microorganisms that can spread diseases. Sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting high touch points can significantly reduce the spread of illnesses in a facility.

A clean facility will also have better air quality, as there will be less dust, pollen and other pollutants in the air. Better air quality can lower the number of allergic reactions and respiratory problems employees may experience.

A neat environment also has fewer hazards, making employees less likely to injure themselves by tripping over random obstacles. Regularly cleaning your office can eliminate fire hazards such as old documents and boxes and remove obstructions to emergency exits.

Clean for Health and Appearance With National Janitorial Solutions

With consumers becoming more aware of organizations’ hygiene habits, it is vital to clean for both appearance and health. At NJS, we offer an extensive range of cleaning and sanitizing services that will make your facility look and feel spotless, from the windows to the walls.

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