Is Your Company Cleaning for Health or Appearance? 

December 22, 2022

The cleanliness of your facility can have a significant impact on your business’s success. While cleaning services are a considerable investment, there are numerous benefits for your and your staff. Ensuring you have clean shared workspaces can improve collaboration and productivity, and clean stores enhance customer satisfaction. Understanding whether your company is cleaning for appearance […]

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Cleaning For High Touch Points

You come into contact with several touch points throughout your day at work. You will touch your desk, doors, elevator buttons and more during the day. Everyone else in the building also handles the same surfaces you come into contact with regularly — this makes them high touch points. These spots also get dirty relatively […]

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Common Workplace Allergies And Triggers

October 11, 2022

Allergies are common during pollen season outdoors, but what about sniffles and sneezes in the office? Allergies in the workplace might mean a dusty office, mold or even food risks. While they can undoubtedly hinder productivity, allergies can also be life-threatening. It’s essential to be aware of common workplace allergens and symptoms to prevent them […]

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How Dirty Restrooms Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or office, you’ll have many people use your restrooms daily. A dirty bathroom can powerfully impact your business’ reputation and bottom line. A recent survey found 60% of Americans will immediately leave a business or be less likely to return after encountering an unpleasant restroom. Hiring commercial cleaning and bathroom […]

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Does Facilities Cleaning Impact Student Enrollment?

July 15, 2022

When students and parents visit your school, the building’s appearance and the cleanliness they observe will play a part in deciding whether they will enroll in your institution. Potential students want to see where they will attend classes, eat, sleep and make new friends. They want to know they will feel comfortable at your institution. […]

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The Importance of Keeping College Campuses Clean

College campuses see hundreds or thousands of people every day. From instructors and students to visitors and guest speakers, your institution sees many new and similar faces. A regular campus cleaning schedule is imperative for creating a welcoming and safe environment for everyone visiting your campus. Whether you want to impress one-time guests or keep […]

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