Common Workplace Allergies And Triggers

October 11, 2022

Allergies are common during pollen season outdoors, but what about sniffles and sneezes in the office? Allergies in the workplace might mean a dusty office, mold or even food risks. While they can undoubtedly hinder productivity, allergies can also be life-threatening. It’s essential to be aware of common workplace allergens and symptoms to prevent them […]

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How Dirty Restrooms Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or office, you’ll have many people use your restrooms daily. A dirty bathroom can powerfully impact your business’ reputation and bottom line. A recent survey foundĀ 60% of Americans will immediately leave a businessĀ or be less likely to return after encountering an unpleasant restroom. Hiring commercial cleaning and bathroom […]

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